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Why is Airport Personnel Training Management Important?

Around 11.3 million people work for the aviation industry worldwide. That figure includes about 650,000 employees who work directly for airport operators like yours. This workforce comprises ground operators, logistics staff, maintenance staff, baggage handlers, and hundreds of other roles.

Onboarding and training all these employees is critical for the success of any airport. It can improve airport safety, enhance customer service, and ensure you comply with FAA and other regulations. However, many airports, especially smaller ones, don't have the technological infrastructure to manage training operations.

Here are some of the benefits of investing in training and how the latest software can help you achieve your learning and development goals.

Comply With Federal Aviation Guidelines

The FAA and other organizations regulate all aspects of civil aviation in the United States. However, these organizations are constantly changing their guidelines and standards, making it difficult to pass critical information onto your workforce. By investing in the latest personnel management software, you can optimize learning and development in your airport and ensure all workers are always aware of the latest regulations. Tracking employee training outcomes in an airport operations management system, for example, will help you identify which workers are familiar with specific FAA guidelines and efficient in their roles. Using a single data source for training and compliance proves more effective than relying on several programs and it can streamline learning and development objectives across your airport.

Improve Safety

Some airport staff might presume that airport safety is the responsibility of the TSA. However, the FAA still requires airport operators to provide safe facilities for all passengers and personnel. There are various FAA safety regulations that airport staff need to know. Without this knowledge, employees might put others at risk of danger.

Most operators incorporate airport safety into their onboarding programs. However, it's a good idea to provide staff with ongoing training and communicate any new FAA recommendations as they happen. Again, using software to track your training objectives can make it easier to communicate this information to a large workforce. You can ensure every employee is on the same page and understands the latest safety guidelines.

Attract More Passengers

Airports have to compete with each other like all other businesses. With some metropolitan areas providing multiple airport options for passengers, operators need to attract a constant flow of people through their doors to remain profitable. Training employees is one way to attract more passengers. You can instruct workers how to provide exceptional customer service, for example. Teaching workers how to be more efficient in their roles might require an initial outlay, but it can provide a long-term investment return.

Apart from attracting more passengers with excellent customer service, training can improve airport employee performance. Research shows that training makes employees more efficient and productive, and successful training outcomes result in less wastage of time, money, and resources.

The Benefits of Software for Airport Personnel Training Management

Using software to facilitate your airport personnel training provides the following benefits:

  • You can track all training programs and initiatives in one place.
  • You can create customizable training content and assign them based on the roles and responsibilities of the staff. 
  • It's easier to adhere to guidelines and recommendations from the FAA and other regulatory bodies.
  • You can reduce training costs.
  • You can automate training tasks, documentation, reporting and notifications. 

Aerosimple is your all-in-one airport operations management system for personnel training. It comes with a user-friendly interface that's 100 percent customizable and configurable. Plus, it even works offline, so you can continue to achieve learning and development objectives without an internet connection. 

Used and approved by several airports, Aerosimple  uses AI-powered navigation and reporting, with the ability to integrate various APIs into the system so you can digitize your airport training operations quickly. You can even use Aerosimple on a mobile device with its iOS and Android app.

Other Aerosimple benefits include no setup fees, unlimited users, unlimited modules (with an annual subscription), free lifetime software upgrades, and excellent customer service. Aerosimple is Part 139-approved.

Final Word

Training airport personnel is essential for improving airport safety, adhering to FAA guidelines, and attracting more passengers to your airport. By investing in learning and development, you can cultivate a more engaging and productive workforce that reflects the culture and values of your organization. Using software to manage your onboarding and training can automate many of the tasks associated with personnel management and provide you with ongoing investment.

Aerosimple Also Offers Data Migration Services

If you already manage onboarding and training through an existing system, Aerosimple can help you migrate your data to its new platform. It's one of the only personnel training management solutions that offer data migration services. Now you push critical information seamlessly from one location to another without data loss or lots of downtime.

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