Approved for ICAO Annex 14 and FAA Part 139 Operations.
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Lease Management Software for Airports

Easy-to-use tool designed exclusively for airports to lower administrative costs and provide industry-leading customer service for tenants.

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A unique experience

Intuitive Design

Intuitive design improves overall airport management straight out of the box.

Secure Data

Airport managers find and update data in one secure location.

Excellent Customer Experience

24x7 online/phone support with an extensive knowledge base gives airports an improved customer experience.

Simple tasks take too long.

For small to mid-size airports, locating basic tenant information often requires the effort of airport managers and administrators. Need a phone number? Or to check a lease agreement? Maybe a hanger needs an emergency repair. How long does it take you to contact the tenant and give the service provider a map of the airfield?

Without instant access to a central data source, the administrative costs of conducting everyday property management tasks like these are huge. Slow response times can also frustrate tenants to the point they decide to lease with another airport—resulting in even more lost revenue.

Lease Management Software for Airports

Aerosimple puts the control back in your hands.

AeroSimple’s common-sense solution simplifies lease management for airport managers so basic tasks stop taking longer than they should and tenants own some of the work (which actually makes them happier).

With the following benefits

Airport managers access data for every tenant in one easy-to-find location
  • Contact information.
  • Essential documents.
  • Past inspections.
  • Miscellaneous fees.
Skip the phone and email
  • Tenants submit work orders directly through the platform.
  • Tenants rate airport customer service directly through a custom feedback feature.
Never miss an important date
  • Airport managers receive email alerts for upcoming expiration dates on leases, insurance policies and certifications.
Improve emergency response time
  • A single information source plus easy mapping tools allows first responders to find locations faster, saving lives and property.
Secure cloud data storage
  • Access files anytime, anywhere—with the option to save on your local device.
Digital birds-eye view of all airport property
  • Integrated mapping feature allows managers to quickly label and draw custom features on a digital map of the airport for faster sharing.
Useful analytics at-a-glance
  • See the number of leases and documents due for expiration.
  • Categorize tenants by industry for a quick snapshot of your customer base.
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Key Modules

Tenant Management

Property Management

Contact Management

Tenant Portals

Maintenance Work Orders

Waiting List Management

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We provide data migration services

You’ve likely already invested a ton of time in your existing systems. AeroSimple is one of the only lease management solutions to offer data migration services for putting everything you need in its new home on the platform.

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