Approved for ICAO Annex 14 and FAA Part 139 Operations.
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Safety Management System (SMS) for Airports

Easy-to-use tool designed exclusively for airports that provides a systematic approach to identify hazards and control risks, ultimately making it a secure facility for passengers, tenants, and employees.

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Intuitive Design

Intuitive design improves overall airport management straight out of the box.

Secure Data

Airport managers find and update data in one secure location.

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24x7 online/phone support with an extensive knowledge base gives airports an improved customer experience.

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Airports are constantly evolving and with an increase in traffic growth, comes increased risks, greater chances of accidents, and incidents. While airport operators anticipate and manage risks every day, most of the time the initiatives are sporadic and isolated. Sometimes when the risk goes unidentified and out of control, it can cause threat to the lives of people, revenue loss, and also puts the reputation of the organization at stake. 

FAA regulates a robust SMS solution in place so that airports can make safety management a more systematic process, in which the entire airport works in a coordinated, more effective manner to make the facility secure for passengers, staff, and stakeholders.

Safety Management System (SMS) for Airports

Aerosimple puts the control back in your hands.

Aerosimple’s common-sense solution assists with proactively identifying and reporting potential hazards, capturing your safety management data at one secure location while giving you powerful insights that are essential for risk assessment, root cause analysis, and decision making to mitigate less accepted risks.

With the following benefits

Increased safety and security

Our QR embedded safety reporting form allows organisation-wide ability to report and track hazards proactively.

Be proactive rather than reactive

Deal with accidents and near misses efficiently and apply lessons learnt to improve safety and efficiency.

Compliance with FAA regulation

Increased awareness of incidents & accidents across organisations to ensure compliance with FAA Order 5200.11 CHG 3.

One secure cloud data storage

Access files anytime, anywhere—with the option to save on your local device. Supported by a mobile app, so that incident reporting can be done real-time.

Useful analytics at-a-glance

A dashboard with consolidated risk matrix and reports that helps you dive deep into trends for better decision making on mitigation plans.

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Key Modules

Incident and Hazard Reporting

Risk Assessment

Risk Mitigation

Training Management


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Integrated with Part 139 inspections

The gaps in compliance to Part 139 processes are the greatest safety concern for any airport and undoubtedly form the foundation of a safety management system. Aerosimple’s integrated Part 139 and SMS solution provides an effective single platform for the airports to automate the processes and use real-time operations information for improved safety planning of the facility.

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