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AeroSimple is an all-in-one airport operations platform that allows airports to easily digitize their Part 139 operations. Easy to use, easy to adopt and easy to set up, a few reasons why everyone is talking about AeroSimple in the airport operations community.

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Switching or deploying a Part 139 Inspections software for your airport?

Here are 3 things to consider first.

Airport Operations SoftwareAirport Operations Software

1. How customizable is the platform?

No two airports are the same. Regulations are constantly changing. Therefore, you need a platform that can adopt to these changes. AeroSimple provides a state of the art point and click inspection form builder that allows you to easily customize your inspection forms to match your airport’s needs.

2. How scalable is the software?

At first, you may want to start with just your airfield self inspections. But then if you want to expand to vehicle inspections, fuel farm inspections, and operations logs, you need a software that can expand with your needs. In AeroSimple, you can develop unlimited inspection forms and expand the usage to support unlimited users at your airport at no additional cost.

Airport Inspections Software
Airport Operations Software

3. Is the software going to work on my airfield with no internet connection?

No matter how good your Wifi connection is on the landside, there will always be areas on the airfield with no internet connection. That’s why we designed AeroSimple to work even when there is no internet. The information that you capture on the airfield is always saved on the device first and is automatically synced with our servers as soon as the device connects to a network.

Features Comparison

Here is what makes Aerosimple
the best alternative to App 139
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App 139
Unlimited Inspection Forms
Point and Click Form Builder
Offline Maps on Mobile App
Moving Map on Mobile App
APIs to integrate with other systems
Template Library

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